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One of the best ways of staying informed and taking advantage of the latest technological advances available is by using an RSS feed reader, but for more novice users this can sometimes be rather complicated.

BlogLovin provides you with a really convenient and simple way of following the news from a specific website, by deploying really simple, clear language.

It’s so easy to add a blog or website; you just have to insert the URL. Another option is to use the website search facility, making the task even simpler.

The latest news will appear listed one by one, including an extracted snippet of the text and a picture illustrating the item. Pressing on either of these shortcuts enables you to read the news on its original website.

BlogLovin lets you save a news item for viewing later, as well as letting you mark one as read, both tasks from the same news list.

If you want to organize the websites that you follow, you can do so from the preferences window, duly creating groups and categorizing the websites.

The limited number of options and the ease of management of the news feeds makes BlogLovin an ideal feeds reader for non-experts.